Since 2020, our goal has been to integrate in an unprecedented formula the potential and experience of medical professionals and Artificial Intelligence, with its power of precision, anticipation and agility.

These decisions have taken us even further than we imagined. They take us towards an open model where collective participation makes new insights and better results possible.

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por Roger Zaldivar

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The philosophy that moves us

We integrate data in a platform based on collective intelligence and we maximize the available potential in the medical ecosystem.

We have the necessary resources to improve people’s quality of life: a great amount of data from numerous professionals and the most innovative technologies.

"REVAI enhances the generation and collection of data making it usable and accessible to doctors, patients and health providers"

Roger Zaldivar


We realized that never before in the history of medicine the possibility of bringing such valuable elements together had existed. These elements give us the chance of making things better by making the best decisions, anticipating illnesses, finding common patterns in different populations, consolidating a great amount of data and using it to provide doctors and clinics a better service in patient care.

We understand that it is high time to work on a team, within an ecosystem that is expanding every day and that has a lot of potential to grow.


How do we put our vision into practice

REVAI is more than just the first collaborative medical platform based on AI, Blockchain and Business Intelligence. It means innovation in health technology. It means applying technology in order to increase the patient’s quality of life by providing better care.

We had always wondered what would happen if after taking care of each patient we could gather all the information to be analyzed, studied and measured. For example, it would make it possible for us to know how many patients feel satisfied after surgery, how long they took for them to recover or what was the hardest thing to overcome.

These questions are our daily motivation.


"The collaborative knowledge of REVAI is like a medical wikipedia where everyone contributes"

Roger Zaldivar


We have developed

Integrated digital medical record software


We have created

Database for collaborative research

We’ll all have a map about the current status of the health system to collaborate with modern medicine


We implemented

Medical digital


How do we do it


We take care of what is important.
The amount of information health professionals handle nowadays requires technologies that take information from Big Data to offer precise solutions in less time.


We take the lead.
Data obtained on a daily basis with our digitals solutions allows us to cross-reference information, draw conclusions and foresee situations that would be impossible to predict any other way.

Collective intelligence

Open mind, open data.
Our work is like an ecosystem. We bring experience and virtuosity to medicine, which is aimed to become its better version.

We are giving the patients the control over their medical records back because it belongs to them