Clear Vision


We all benefit. We all experience positive change.


We have developed an integrated digital medical record software for clinics and health professionals.This software enables the user to register with precision and simplicity the information about each patient, while protecting their privacy.

We have designed a customizable and intuitive software because we want everyone to be able to use it easily and to be 100% inclusive. The possibility to manage, administrate and analyze that we provide health professionals with gives them the opportunity to make fast and assertive decisions.The patient will also benefit from this technology each time they turn to a doctor, since there is a medical record, a story and a map of their general health status.

Data bank

We have created a database for collaborative research because we understand and feel data beyond its usual use and we know that by making it into relevant information we can accomplish so much more than we have so far. If we share this information anonymously and encrypted with doctors, universities, laboratories and other community actors we will all have a map about the current status of the health system and we will be collaborating with modern medicine.

This database helps us understand the status of ophthalmology in different countries, what diseases prevale, and when they are more common … examples are endless.

This technology means to go beyond, to predict, to prevent. It means changing from a reactive medicine to a preventive one.

Medical digital passport

We implemented a medical digital passport because we believe it is time patients can access their own medical records and share them. The information belongs to them, so we make it available for them. Having this knowledge about themselves could make their lives easier. Knowledge helps you understand, feel empowered and also allows you to make better decisions.